Using Google Hangouts for Online Evening Prayer

HangoutsNonPersist1As those of you participating in Online Evening Prayer have recently seen, Google Hangouts has been having problems with PC’s accessing hangouts via a persistent link.

  • PC’s trying to access the Hangout show the “…no longer exists” error when you try to join the hangout.
  •   Mobile devices, which use a Hangouts App to open the hangout, work fine.
  • Once a mobile device has opened the hangout, PC’s can join without error.

Our current work-around is to have the first person connecting use a mobile device to start the hangout.  Once started, PC’s can join.  The hangout remains running until everyone disconnects.

Google is working to fix the problem.  The latest news on this is:


Hopefully, Google will get the problem fixed soon.

Google Hangouts with Mozilla Firefox 52+

On March 7, 2017, Mozilla released a new version of Firefox that no longer supported the Hangouts plugin.  So far, Google has not released a replacement.  If you encounter this problem, the symptom is that you get an error when you try to open a hangout, and your browser is immediate redirected to the following screen:


The work-around is to use a different browser.  I am using Chrome for the hangout, and Firefox for everything else.




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