Becoming Beloved Community

Rev. Martha Frances

Meditation for Saturday Noonday Prayer—-Rivendell General Chapter—-23 Jun 18

Becoming Beloved Community

Becoming—always in process, moving toward s/he whom Godde continues to call each of us as gift we’re to be in the world.

Beloved—being loved, a receptive stance, open & accepting, drawn to the lover by the sheer power of holy desire, the anticipation of being created & creating anew

Community—those transformed by the lover’s compelling joyous creation, that imitate the multiplicity of their one creator by gathering in holy community where they respond in awe & adoration with the work of the people to worship, to further create, to accept & welcome, to care for & witness to their living into their own sense of being beloved & playing their gift forward to widen the sacred circle of beloveds

The sacred circle welcomes both those easily beloved & those who bother us the most for our Godde reaches those who most need to be beloved, all of us muddling through community-building & living into Godde’s reign.  

May we in Rivendell continue the journey our creator loves us into day by day.


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