Adding events to the Rivendell Calendar

Adding events to the Rivendell Calendar

On the right side (for PC-sized screens) or at the bottom (for phone or tablet screens), we are displaying “Upcoming Events (General)”.  This is a feed from a Google calendar, and is used for keeping Companions notified of low frequency general events like conferences, chapter meetings, etc. Continue reading “Adding events to the Rivendell Calendar”


Sermon: The Quarry of Love

The Quarry of Love

27 August 2017

Proper 16, Year A, RCL

Not far from where I live is the Thomas Hart Benton house, which is now a curated state monument, his studio preserved exactly as he left it so that people may observe the last snapshot of a great artist at work. But although the neighborhood is full of signs pointing to the location, it’s hard to pick the house out from its surroundings, because its natural state is so similar to the nature of many other houses around it. “Built of native limestone,” the tour blurbs say, which, when you look at other houses in the neighborhood, seems like ironic understatement: you wonder if there’s any native material but limestone in Kansas City. Some houses are made of stones so undressed that they look as if they had been dug straight out of the ground and plastered into place; some even have retaining walls in front with stones studded along the top like crenellations. “Welp, we’ve got all these rocks, might as well make a front gate out of ‘em too,” you can imagine the masons saying.

These houses look sturdier than their brick neighbors, like extensions of the earth on which the whole city is planted; as if nothing could shake them. They look immovable, cemented permanently into place. Continue reading “Sermon: The Quarry of Love”

Sermon: Save the People

Save the People

20 August 2017

Proper 15, Year A, RCL

There’s a scene that opens the movie version of Godspell that, the first time I saw it, smacked me with a shock of longing. It’s New York City in the early 1970s. The sun is beating down on the streets, winking off the surfaces of moving vehicles, lying like a visible pelt on the deep crowds of pedestrians as they walk to the daily round of their destinations. It’s business as usual. Continue reading “Sermon: Save the People”