Songs and stories from Rivendell

  1. Down the rabbit hole (story)
  2. All my fresh springs (song)
  3. Arise, my beloved (song)
  4. By the streams of Babylon (song)
  5. Alleluia (song)
  6. Oh holy love (song)
  7. My beloved (song)
  8. Come to the water (song)
  9. Nada te torbe (song)
  10. Barny McCabe (story/song)
  11. Come oh my love (song)
  12. Lord of the dance (song)
  13. Jesus is a junkman (song)
  14. Ice Storm (story)
  15. Jesus, remember me (song)
  16. Eat this bread (song)
  17. ahbeyoyo (story/song)
  18. Death and the pear tree (story)
  19. Jesus Christ, who for us (song)

Rivendell Songbook

Song name Sheet music midi recording
All my fresh springs jpg midi mp3
Arise, my beloved jpg midi mp3
Bethany song jpg midi
Bless the Lord jpg midi
Blessed be the tie that binds jpg
By your cross (Per crucem) jpg
Children of the heavenly Father jpg
Christ Jesus, who for us (Bethlehem hymn) jpg  mp3
Come and fill our hearts (Confitemini Domino) jpg
Come, ye disconsolate jpg
Eat this bread jpg  mp3
Gaze upon the Lord jpg
God, that madest earth and heaven jpg
I found the treasure jpg
In the Lord I’ll be ever thankful jpg
Jesus, remember me jpg  mp3
Lead, kindly Light jpg
Live in charity (Ubi caritas) jpg
Lord Jesus Christ (Jesus le Christ) jpg
Lord of the Dance jpg  mp3
Lullaby, Jesus (Polish Lullaby) Pg1 Pg2
Magnificat jpg
Most Holy Love jpg
My Dancing Day jpg
Nothing can trouble (Nada te turbe) jpg  mp3
O Love that wilt not let me go jpg
O mother dear, Jerusalem jpg
Play before the Lord jpg
Send us your Spirit jpg
The Sabbath day was by jpg
What a friend we have in Jesus jpg