Songs and stories from Rivendell

  1. Down the rabbit hole (story)
  2. All my fresh springs (song)
  3. Arise, my beloved (song)
  4. By the streams of Babylon (song)
  5. Alleluia (song)
  6. Oh holy love (song)
  7. My beloved (song)
  8. Come to the water (song)
  9. Nada de torbe (song)
  10. Barny McCabe (story/song)
  11. Come oh my love (song)
  12. Lord of the dance (song)
  13. Jesus is a junkman (song)
  14. Ice Storm (story)
  15. Jesus, remember me (song)
  16. Eat this bread (song)
  17. ahbeyoyo (story/song)
  18. Death and the pear tree (story)
  19. Jesus Christ, who for us (song)